Adjustable Bases

In the age of the iPad, Kindle and home theater systems, adjustable beds are rapidly growing in popularity – especially with those who want a personalized sleep experience. Adjustables have come a long way from their early days as clunky hospital beds to today’s fashionable systems designed to give people the freedom to read, work or watch TV in perfect comfort. Why scrunch up pillows or sit in an unnatural position against your bed frame when you can select the ideal position for your back and legs?

Adjustables are perfect for:

  • Reading, working or watching television in perfect comfort without disturbing your sleep partner.
  • Finding unlimited comfort options for different activities.
  • Eliminating aches and pains associated with misalignment. Raising both the neck and knee joint areas takes a tremendous amount of pressure off an aching body.
Platform Beds

Platform beds do not require a box spring, as the solid base is meant to completely support the mattress and bedding. Platform beds have adapted a European feel, with straight edges and a modern, simplistic design

Headboards and Complete Beds

Headboards and complete beds are the perfect way to add style to an otherwise simple bedframe (Only by catalog)

Day Beds

Daybeds are the perfect solution to a small bedroom, sunroom or sitting area that doubles as a guest room. With plenty of styles to choose from, a daybed can add both character and comfort to your room (Only by catalog


Beds and Bed Frames

Browse mattress alternatives like day beds, futons and sleeper sofas, platform beds, and adjustable beds. Check out quality bed frames to ensure your mattress and box spring are framed properly.

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