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Our Extraordinary Mattress Store’s Sleep Solutions Are Always a Great Deal!

When you come to Mattress World to upgrade every 10 years, it’s like there’s always a sale. It seems that way because when you shop our Canoga Park, CA mattress store for your sleep solution in foam, gel, and steel springs, we know how to get you the queen mattresses and other sizes you need at prices you’ll always appreciate. Having the right product from us is more than a matter of personal preference. You need a good mattress for your health. Feel refreshed and be on top of your game the next day, and add years to your life! Yes, the right mattress is that important. The good news is no matter your sleeping position, you can get your solution here for a closeout price!

Price-Busting Innerspring Mattresses for Firmness

When you’re a back sleeper, at our mattress store be sure to get a product that’s firm enough to keep your spine in the neutral position. That’s ideal both for posture during the day and of course to help you relax so you can get that 7-9 hours of shuteye your body and mind require. If you’re on a tight budget, one of our innerspring twin or full mattresses with new steel coils on a metal frame will give you years of excellent service. You’ll feel that much better in the morning, having recharged and dreamed, ready to or peak performance!

Literally Cool Memory Foam Mattresses for Temperature Control

Hot sleepers have a rough go of it; too many mattresses leave you sweaty. Our mattress store’s selection of memory foam models takes care of this problem. These memory foam mattresses have been re-engineered in the lab so they have maximum airflow at the cellular level. That means your queen or king mattress “breathes” so you sleep undisturbed, with perfect temperature control at last. Memory foam mattresses are also great if you’re a side or stomach sleeper needing extra softness to relieve painful pressure points when you are lying down.

Fantastic Hybrid Mattresses for the Ultimate Comfort

When you want the best of all worlds in your nighttime “ride,” go for one of our mattress store’s hot-selling hybrid mattresses. These babies use upwards of 700 power-packed pocketed coils and the ultimate in memory foam and gel to give you that “floating off on a cloud” feeling. Augment that with a soft mattress topper such as a pillowtop and you’ll be tempted never to get out of bed!

Sturdy Mattress Frames You Can Count On

We are also proud to carry reliable metal mattress frames to hold your new purchase if necessary. Many of these expand to hold any size mattress and use tough steel mesh and bolt-on construction.

Fun Adjustable Bed Bases to Try Different Positions

For many of our mattresses you can double your fun with an adjustable bed base from Mattress World. With easy-to-use controls you can raise your hips and feet if you find it easier to sleep that way, or lift your head and torso if you fancy a bit of late-night TV or reading in bed.

Sleep soundly thanks to our mattress store’s never-ending bargains!